Post-Surgical Scars – How To Get Rid Of Scars?

Post Surgery Scars Treatments Dubai

A scar is a result of the replacement of skin after any surgical processes done. A mark or scratch is a normal healing process of all wounds which helps as a system for damaged skin tissues to be restored. All scars have reasons and it can have a negative influence on a person that has it. A prominent scar which is found in parts like the face can be a result of bad comments and low self-confidence to a person who has it. Scars that are particularly happening by surgical treatments like the hair implants, facelift, hairlines and for eyebrows lift can be one of the factors for post-surgical scars. These scars are so prominent so, it has to be reconstructed or repaired immediately. This is how post surgery scars Dubai came about.  Dubai cosmetic surgery clinic aims to reduce the presence of scars caused by different surgical treatments from any body part.

How To Get Rid Of Different Types Of Scars?

It is a fact that no anybody wants to any scar on its any body part. So, there are different ways to how to get rid of those unwanted scars?

How The Wound Is Treated?

If the wound was not treated well by the surgeon then it can be a cause to the appearance of a scar. So, there are 2 main methods for post-surgical scars treatment such as the primary and the secondary.

  • Primary intentions happen when the edges of the wound are carefully brought together by stitches or by medical tape.
  • Secondary intentions mean when edges of the wound cannot be substantially brought together in case, areas of tissue loss, untreated deep gaping cuts or in deeper burns.

Vitamin C

Body parts such as the chest, upper shoulders, mid chest and back may have the widen scars because of the movement in these areas. So, take vitamin C tablets in your daily diet and it will help the production of collagen as well as also make your body muscles strong. 

Patients’ Age And Proteins

The process of healing is in the child or in youngsters the faster and in the old people, the healing process can be low. Try to add more and more protein in your daily diet because proteins will help to make new cells on the parts in where have scarred tissues.


The appearance of keloids and healing characteristic will depend on the patient’s genetics. You need to apply scar treatment cream and massage for 2 to 3 time daily. Creams will help in reduce the scar’s appearance immediately.

Other Types Of Treatment Include Lasers

You can get laser treatment to treat the post-surgical scars. The laser also provides you best acne scars treatment. The laser beams remove the damaged skin cells and improve the making of new collagen. This treatment is more effective at treating discolored, pitted and raised scars.

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